Monday, June 6, 2011

The Story So Far

As we head into the final chapter of the Restoration of Erathia storyline, let's pause for a moment and recap the story so far.

At the end of Heroes II, all is well. Roland Ironfist reclaims the throne of Enroth and imprisons his evil brother Archiband with a petrification spell. He marries Catherine Gryphonheart from the kingdom of Erathia. However, peace does not last long. The Kreegans, demons from space, invade Enroth. King Roland abruptly disappears.

Queen Catherine soon learns that her father, King Nicholas Gryphonheart, has died. She quickly takes an Enrothian fleet and sets sail for Erathia.

King Gryphonheart's sudden death leaves his kingdom unprotected. Erathia's neighbors immediately decide to take advantage of the situation. The Kreegans join forces with the dungeon overlords of Nighon to invade Erathia. The Kreegans eliminate many of Erathia's allies, including the gold dragon queen. Meanwhile, the dungeon overlords dig a tunnel from Nighon to the outskirts of the Erathian capitol of Steadwick. After a quick siege, they conquer Erathia.

Meanwhile, in the west, the barbarians of Krewlod and beastmasters of Tatalia take advantage of Erathia's weakness by expanding their borders. Unable to share, the two nations quickly turn on each other.

When Queen Catherine's fleet finally arrives, she learns that Erathia has been taken over by the Kreegans and dungeon overlords. She immediately sends emissaries to the wizards of Bracada and the elves of AvLee requesting assistance. She also recruits several powerful allies on her march to Steadwick, including the griffins and archangels.

Once Catherine returns to Steadwick, she send any army through the Nighon tunnels and reclaims the city. Upon learning that the Kreegans have kidnapped Roland Ironfist, Catherine sends a team into Eeofol to slay the demons responsible and rescue her husband. With the help of Bracada's wizards, Catherine also reclaims the western lands of Erathia from the barbarians and beastmasters. Finally, she works with her allies to free Erathia's western lands from Nighon control. The dungeon overlords are driven all the way back to their island across the sea.

Unfortunately, another shady force was manipulating the war behind the scenes. The necromancers of Deyja cleverly sat back and watched their neighbors slay one another. They sensed the perfect opportunity to raise an army of the dead and take revenge upon the Erathians.

First, the necromancers retrieved the corpse of King Gryphonheart and used ancient magic to resurrect him from the dead. However, the newly revived lich had plans of his own. He quickly consolidated power within Deyja, killed his political enemies, and set his sights on his former kingdom of Erathia. The undead forces poured across Erathia's northern garrisons, slaying innocents and gaining numbers.

We now enter the final chapter of the Restoration of Erathia storyline. The undead army of Lich King Gryphonheart are powerful and restless. Catherine must repel the undead invasion, subdue the necromancers, and free her father's soul from eternal damnation.

Quite a story. Now, onward!

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