Thursday, June 23, 2011

Seeds Of Discontent

Heroes of Might and Magic III contains a secret seventh campaign that appears after completing the main Restoration of Erathia storyline. This campaign contains three scenarios. To access it, you must save the game at the conclusion of the scenario For King and Country. When you reload the game, it will take you to the campaign selection screen.

Seeds of Discontent is only marginally connected to the main RoE storyline. The area between AvLee and Erathia was the site of the Timber Wars, a conflict that we hear about a lot but never get to actually participate in. Based on the game's account of the war, it was basically a border dispute that turned especially bloody.

The people who live in these 'Contested Lands' welcomed AvLee and Erathia's alliance against the necromancers. However, they fear that the end of the conflict will bring about renewed hostilities between the humans and elves.

A man named Faruk Welnin decides to turn the Contested Lands into a new independent state. This is the premise of the new campaign.

Of course, Welnin's declaration of independence doesn't really affect the main storyline. But it does help explain the existence of a new territory in Might & Magic VII called Harmondale.

Compared to the previous campaigns, Seeds of Discontent is rather gimmicky. That's not bashing the game at all. I actually like the campaign's unconventional mission objectives.

The first scenario involves visiting obelisks and finding the grail before time runs out. The second scenario involves using a single hero with limited troops to run a gauntlet of challenges and arrive at a specific town before computer AI heroes hunt him down. The final scenario tests the player's ability to manage resources. These aren't typical 'get resources, capture towns' quest goals.

Anyway, I'll go ahead and play these scenarios now.


  1. I absolutely loved that campaign and was saddened by the fact that the story of the Free Contested lands was never continued in any sequel. Maybe I'll make a campaign..

  2. You definitely should. Let me know if you do, I'll play and review it. :)

  3. Thank you so much for the two maps. I've been searching everywhere for those.

  4. Harmondale also appears as a massive plot point in this game: