Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Ending

Well, here's the game's ending. But first, I have a few quick comments. What the heck is Queen Catherine wearing? Why does her armor show cleavage? Why is she wearing a thong?

Secondly, there aren't any good pictures of King Gryphonheart in the game. I also haven't seen any concept art for his character. The finale is the only opportunity to get a look at this important character. His ghostly visage appears for a few seconds. And the conclusion is... King Gryphonheart looks like some guy with a mustache.

Finally, Queen Catherine laments in her monologue that the Gryphonheart line has ended. Ironically, this becomes a point of contention in Lysander's campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. We find out there's another Gryphonheart after all.

And now, the finale:

Lich King Gryphonheart sits on his throne, unhappy about his defeat. Well, if he had bothered getting on a horse and leading an army, this supposedly brilliant tactician might not be in this position.

Queen Catherine busts in with her... er... bust.

Queen Catherine points out the traitor, Lord Haart. Damn, Roland Ironfist married a skanky gal.

King Gryphonheart ends Lord Haart's life. By the way, why does Lord Haart look nothing like his portrait. Instead of a 'pretty boy' with flowing blond locks and a square jaw, he looks like a skinny Seth Rogen.

King Gryphonheart realizes that his daughter is going to cast a spell to cleanse his soul.

A big beam of light envelops the castle. Hmm... where did Queen Catherine learn this spell? Also, why did she need to be inside the throne room to cast such a spell? Oh wait, she needed to bring Lord Haart to her father.

King Gryphonheart's ghost appears but doesn't say anything.

Catherine says goodbye to her father while trying not to think about the enormous sum of gold it will require to rebuild her kingdom.

Oh look, I'm a power lich.

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