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They say it's always darkest before the dawn. Now that we've gotten the evil campaigns out of the way, it's time to move on to the part of the story where the good guys triumph over their enemies!

Liberation is the story of how Catherine Ironfist rescued Erathia from its greedy neighbors and finaly restored order to the continent of Antagarich. Let's recap the story so far:
  • Catherine left Antagarich to marry Roland Ironfist, the protagonist from Heroes II and king of Enroth.
  • King Nicolas Gryphonheart died of mysterious causes, leaving a power vacuum in Erathia
  • Hearing that her homeland was in danger, Catherine hurried back to Antagarich with a fleet of Enrothian warships
  • Kreegans landed in Eeofol from space, drove out the peaceful halflings who resided there, and then terraformed the land into a volcanic wasteland
  • The Kreegans of Eeofol and dungeon overlords of Nighon conspired to conquer Erathia and dug tunnels to reach its capitol
  • The barbarians of Krewlod and beastmasters of Tatalia also grabbed land from Erathia's western territories and then turned on one another
  • Meanwhile, Catherine landed in the southern coast and marched to Erathia's capitol, making alliances along the way with angels, griffins, elves, and the wizards of Bracada.
  • To the north, the necromancers of Deyja stole Nicolas Gryphonheart's body and resurrected him as Lich King Gryphonheart
  • Lich King Gryphonheart kills the king of Deyja and seizes the throne
  • Lich King Gryphonheart immediately set his eyes on conquering Erathia (because that's what liches do) and successfully captures Erathia's northern territories
Is there any part of Erathia that's free from occupation? Imagine what the poor Erathians must be going through as they adjust to their new lifestyles.

In the west, the Erathians under Krewlod's rule probably ended up being used as arena fodder. Human punching bags, if you will. The Erathians under Tatalia's rule probably had to learn the language of the lizardmen and gnolls.

In the north, most were probably converted to skeletons by Deyja. In a later expansion, the sorceress Gem explains that necromancers herd people into slaughter pens and then raise them from the dead en masse.

In the capitol and eastern lands, the Erathians had to endure slavery at the hands of the Kreegans and dungeon overlords. I imagine the overlords just made the humans clean a lot of feces. You know... manticore feces, minotaur feces, dragon feces, etc. As for the Kreegans, they probably incinerated or whipped the humans for fun.

Needless to say, Queen Catherine has a long way to go before she can truly bring sanity to her realm. Psychological scars run deep.

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