Friday, May 6, 2011

Corporeal Punishment

In Corporeal Punishment, you're tasked with destroying the rogue death knight Mot. You start the map with two forts, separated by a lightly guarded enemy garrison. The top fort will rarely see any action. So you should concentrate your energies acquiring a Capitol.

The lower fort is surrounded by cursed ground, so you don't have to worry about learning a lot of spells. Thankfully, the enemy usually won't cross the garrisons to attack you until week 4 or so.

My starting hero was Tamika the death knight. Tamika's innate hero ability grants bonus strength to any black knights or dread knights that she commands.

I immediately hired a second hero to guard my lower fort. Surprise, surprise. Vokial was sitting around in the tavern, enjoying a breather after having recruited 2,500 skeletons in the previous scenario. I knew that his ability to strengthen vampires would come in handy.

There's a sea area in the upper right corner of the map where you can get a lot of extra gold from sea chests. The whirlpool takes heroes underground with some flaggable creature dwellings.

One of the nice things about controlling a necropolis army is that you never have to worry about bad morale. Undead units are always morale-neutral. So I had no problem robbing the Warrior Tomb west of my lower fort. Lo and behold, Vokial procured a set of Angel Wings!

On this map, there are some quest guards that can only be opened if a hero holds a specific artifact. Unfortunately, the artifact was already used in the previous scenario to free Sandro from his prison. Luckily, Vokial was able to use Angel Wings to fly over the quest guard and grab the bonus treasure.

My ultimate destination was Death's Gate, a high-level necropolis in the lower-right corner of the map guarded by Mot. Although the town is surrounded by cursed ground, you'll still be able to cast spells in the battle itself.

The fight against Mot is incredibly tough because he has a high number of black knights and liches. Thankfully, Vokial doesn't seem to have very many spells and will usually just cast Slow. However, Vokial could not overcome Mot's superior numbers and was forced to retreat.

The first battle didn't go too well. But I knew that my 4 necropoleis gave me an advantage in numbers. I waited a few weeks, recruited a formidable fighting force, and invaded Death's Gate again.

This time, I led with my ghost dragons to cut off the liches' ranged attack. Also, Mot was stupid enough to leave the safety of his castle walls to engage my skeletons and zombies. I used Animate Dead to keep my undead army in top shape and tore Mot's units to shreds.

It turns out Mot is just Clavius with a different name. I guess the creators didn't bother giving him a unique portrait.

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