Monday, May 2, 2011

The Death Of Finneas Vilmar

Finneas Vilmar decides to resurrect King Gryphonheart all by himself. Bad move.

Brimming with unholy strength, the undead King Gryphonheart seizes Finneas Vilmar by the neck and destroys him.

Well, on to the scenarios!

Upon completion of A Gryphon's Heart, the campaign offers two scenarios for you to choose. In Season of Harvest, your goal is to raise an army for the invasion of Erathia. You must obtain 2,500 skeletons within 3 months.

The other scenario is Corporeal Punishment. There is a death knight named Mot who believes it's a bad idea to invade Erathia and has been quite vocal about it. In other words, Mot is the only person in Deyja with common sense. King Gryphonheart orders you to destroy him.

Once again, the heroes from these scenarios don't carry over to the finale. So there's really no reason to waste time building up their stats and skills. Just complete the scenario objective and move on.

I'm going to start with Season of Harvest because it's the easier of the two scenarios. Stay tuned.

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