Friday, December 28, 2012

For the Throne

For the Throne is the final map in the FoL campaign. At long last, we come to the final showdown between upstart barbarian Kilgor and longstanding monarch Winston Boragus. There are no more silly restrictions and you are free to lose any of Kilgor's allies without the game being over.

That being said, the key to victory is to topple the opponent's heroes and steal their artifacts before they do the same to you. Yes, this sounds obvious. However, there's a twist. Since neither side has access to taverns, defeats are permanent! If you defeat an enemy hero, he or she won't come back. Similarly, if you lose a hero, you won't be able to rehire him or her.

Thus, the map feels more like a tug o' war than most. At any given moment, if the enemy manages to out maneuver  you and defeat one of your heroes, you might as well restart the map. Every defeat gives the enemy huge bonuses.

Also to Kilgor's dismay, there's a strict time limit. If Kilgor can't defeat Boragus within 3 months, the game is over. Boragus doesn't have a super army as you might expect. Instead, the challenge comes from chasing the three generals around the map before time runs out.

For me, the Town Portal from the previous map became invaluable.

Without Town Portal, I imagine the map would be even more challenging. I noticed there is a secret backdoor into Boragus' castle (at the northeastern corner of the map).  However, passing the quest gate requires that you defeat some water elementals somewhere on the map. I was never able to track them down but did notice a lone boat in one of the lakes. I guess I could probably summon the boat somewhere else. In any case, I didn't have time to test this method as the enemy generals relentlessly assaulted my Strongholds.

After Kilgor defeated Crag Hack (one of the generals) and took his shackles of war (which prevent enemies from retreating or surrendering), the rest of the generals fell over easily. I stormed Boragus' final castle very close to the deadline.

After the terrifying battles against the generals, Boragus was a bit of a let down.

In any case, Kilgor is now the king of the barbarians. Poor Winston is now just a head on a pillow.


  1. Too bad you stopped writing. It is an interesting read. And I love HOMM V in a nutshell.

  2. Too bad you stopped writing, really. Coincidentally, today is exactly three years the last blog post. I hope one day you post again. George Araújo, from Brazil.