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Cast And Characters Of Armageddon's Blade

One of the differences between Armageddon's Blade and its prequel Restoration of Erathia is the large cast of characters. Some are playable. Others appear in the background. Below are some of the notes I took while trying to keep track of them all.


Catherine Ironfist - Queen of Erathia and wife of Roland Ironfist of Enroth. She invades the Kreegan nation of Eeofol despite opposition from the Erathian people.

Roland Ironfist - Protagonist of Heroes II and husband of Catherine. Roland was abducted by the Kreegans and imprisoned for many years. He was rescued by adventurers in Might & Magic VII. Roland serves as Catherine's general and suffers PTSD from his captivity. He is overzealous in his quest to destroy Eeofol.

Gen. Kendal - Morgan Kendal served as regent of Erathia after the death of Catherine's father. After Catherine gives up her throne to concentrate on the war, Kendall is tasked with electing the next king.

Gelu - A half-elf captain of Erathia's Forest Guard and Gen. Kendal's foster son. He leads guerilla attacks against Eeofol's northern border and is secretly funded by AvLee and Erathia. Gelu's past is fleshed out in the second expansion: Shadow of Death. The Kreegans call him "Devil's Bane."

Ciele the Waverider - A conflux hero representing the plane of water. She attempts to prevent Xeron from obtaining Armageddon's Blade and ultimately allies herself with Catherine's army.

Erdamon the Earthshaper - A conflux hero representing the plane of earth. He also fails to prevent Xeron from obtaining Armageddon's Blade and grants his army to Catherine.

Fiur the Flamewalker - A conflux hero representing the plane of fire. He allies himself with Catherine.

Tamar the Wanderer - A conflux hero representing the plane of air. Unlike the others, he does not participate in the war. Instead, he warns Catherine about Roland's path toward the darkness and cautions against the misuse of Armageddon's Blade.

Judge Fairweather - A wise sage whom Gelu consults regarding the identity and tactics of the Sons of Erebus.


Xenofex - The leader of Eeofol during the Restoration Wars. Xenofex was slain by adventurers in Might & Magic VII. However, he visits Lucifer from beyond the grave and implores him to seek Armageddon's Blade to set the world on fire. While he doesn't physically appear in the game, he is responsible for setting the plot in motion.

Lucifer Kreegan III - King of Eeofol and Xenofex's successor. He commands Eeofol's army from the safety of the capitol city Kreelah and communicates with his minions using a red jewel.

Xeron the Terrible - Lucifer's most trusted general. He is the half-human, half-Kreegan leader of the Sons of Erebus, a paramilitary group loyal to Lucifer. Xeron manages to locate the pieces of Armageddon's Blade and construct the weapon for his master. He has a special feud with Gelu because the latter killed Xeron's mother.

Xex - Xeron's childhood friend and trusted general. Xex runs many errands for Xeron throughout the story but is ultimately slain by halflings.

Judge Sleen - A master sage and arcane historian who betrays Erathia (under coercion). He teaches Xeron about the conflux heroes, reveals the pieces of Armageddon's Blade, and stalls Catherine's invasion after being captured. He is ultimately sentenced to life in prison for treason.


Wibur Humphrey - He is mentioned briefly in the campaign. Wilbur is the regent of Enroth, ruling in Roland's absence, and plays an important role in Might & Magic VI.

Nicolai Ironfist - The child of Roland and Catherine who lives in Enroth. Catherine and Roland lament that the war has caused them to neglect their son.

Nayestra the Oracle - A gypsy woman who reads Gelu's fortune and sees great potential for evil.

Khazandar - The grand forgesmith Khazandar is the only person in Antagarich with the knowledge to construct Armageddon's Blade. He was an archmage from Bracada who lost his titles for being too mercenary and became an alchemist and weaponsmith. He agreed to support Xeron out of greed and spite but was betrayed and executed.

Other Stuff:

Night of the Shooting Stars - The Kreegans arrived in Antagarich by riding meteor-like spaceships. They drove out the halflings and terraformed the grassy lands of Eeofol into a volcanic wasteland.

Sons of Erebus - A quasi-religious paramilitary group loyal to Lucifer and headed by Xeron. The group is named after Erebus, a dark god worshipped by the Kreegans.

Talon Brigade - Both Catherine and Morgan Kendal started their military careers in the Talon Brigade, an elite unit in the Erathian army. Kendal leads the Talon Brigade to support Roland.

Regnan Pirates - They are briefly mentioned in Return of the King as having buried some treasure near the Great Lake before getting driven out of Erathia by Admiral Magnus Bonn. The pirates make an appearance in Might & Magic VIII.

Tavin's Guerillas - A group of halflings attempting to drive the Kreegans out of Eeofol. They agree to support Catherine during her final assault on Kreelah.

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