Sunday, July 10, 2011

Villains Of Might And Magic

Seeing as my knowledge of Antagarich lore has grown rusty, I decided to visit Wikipedia and catch up on the events that transpired between the Restoration Wars and Catherine's invasion of Eeofol.

Here's what I gathered about the Kreegans.
  • They are evil space invaders that resemble demons and travel in highly technological hive ships that look like meteorites
  • Not every creature in Heroes III's Inferno faction is a Kreegan; only the devils, pit fiends, and demons are Kreegans
  • Imps are servants engineered by the Kreegans in their forges; Gogs and Magogs are an enslaved sub-race; Efreeti are powerful allies with complementary interests
As for the role Kreegans play in the larger Heroes storyline:
  • The Kreegan invasion of Enroth and Antagarich was led by Xenofex
  • The heroes manage to slay Xenofex in Might & Magic VII and rescue Roland Ironfist (which is why he appears in Armageddon's Blade as a playable character)
  • After Xenofex dies, his top general Lucifer grabs the throne in Eeofol
  • Guided by vivid dreams, Lucifer decides to craft a weapon called Armageddon's Blade to set the world on fire
  • Lucifer never engages the party directly in Heroes III; rather, he is a foreboding menace whose shadow looms over the entire nation of Eeofol (like Sauron in Lord of the Rings)
  • The main antagonist (and physical threat) of the game is a half-Kreegan, half-human general named Xeron; he repeatedly meets the heroes in battle

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