Sunday, April 10, 2011

Antagarich Map

Heroes III takes place on Antagarich, a continent that is apparently rich with antagonists. While the name is undeniably silly, the game does a good job fleshing out the motivations and backstories of each faction.

Yes, I agree the name is kind of silly. Below is a composite map of Antagarich.

The largest faction is Erathia, the kingdom of the knights and griffins. Erathians are the de facto 'good' faction and most of the stories involve protecting its citizens from various invasions. The lands of Erathia are green plains and grasslands.

The nation of Bracada lies in the south. Bracada is a snowy, mountainous region that's home to wizards. They are mostly neutral in war but are known to ally themselves with the game's two 'good' factions: Erathia and AvLee.

The kingdom of AvLee can be found in the northern forests. It's the home of elves, dwarves, and centaurs. They don't do much in the Restoration of Erathia but feature prominently in the Shadow of Death storyline. Erathia and AvLee occasionally clash over a stretch of forest land called The Contested Lands. There's a side-campaign later about how the people of that region declare independence and form a nation called Harmondale. But it mostly impacts the story of another game: Might & Magic VII.

Krewlod and Tatalia are neutral factions. Krewlod is a wasteland that's home to barbarians. Tatalia is a swampy jungle region that's home to gnolls and lizardmen.

Deyja is the land of the necromancers and the undead. They live in a decayed land near AvLee. As well see later in the Restoration of Erathia storyline, the leaders of Deyja seek power and dominance but aren't very good long-range thinkers.

Nighon and Eeofol are two evil factions that ally with one another in order to invade Erathia. Nighon is led by warlocks living in tunnels. Eeofol is led by demons and heretics. One of the unique things about the Might & Magic world is that Eeofol's demons are not associated with hell or hades. Heroes III's demons are called Kreegans and are actually technologically advanced space aliens that travel across the galaxy on meteors and coincidentally resemble Judeo-Christian devils.

The only other region worth noting is Vori, a snowy island to the northwest of the continent. You never visit Vori in the main game. It merely exists to explain the origins of a key character who later destroys the planet.

Okay, that's enough backstory for now.

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